Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snail Mail.

I just love sending things in the mail. There is nothing better than the quiet surprise of a close friend's handwriting in your stack of bills and catalogs, even if it is just to say hi. I think this love was born being a summer camper for 8 years. NOTHING was better than seeing your name on the package list of having your counselor toss envelopes on your bed during rest hour. Some of my very favorite were from my friend over at Linda and Harriett -- always covered in stickers and written in bright markers (shows that some professions are meant to be).
For some reason in the last few weeks Ive been sending a lot of snail mail. This morning I received my most recent shipment of "Fruit of the Month" club, a birthday gift from my friend. This surprise isn't so quiet, but is fantastic. I've sneaky been a little embarrassed by the excitement that this gift has stirred in me, feeling like it s a little of a granny-in-Boca thing to be excited about. The other day I was at a funeral for a woman I adore and her son was speaking. He had us all laughing about the things this woman would do to go out of her way for her sons to reiterate her love for them. He said something along the lines of "despite my subtle hints that Baltimore does in fact have grocery stores, if I mentioned a steak sauce I liked, I was no doubt driving back from my parents house with a case of it." And so this morning when my beautiful pineapples arrived (and no I wasn't wearing black socks and sandals), it clicked why I love this gift that keeps on giving so much. Just as when I pop york peppermint patties and jellybeans to my sister, its just a wordless reminder that this friend cares about me. I know when I send these things that my sister can run into her CVS and grab a york, but this one is from me because I took the time, and I know she loves them, and I want to provide that little joy for her. Sure, I have a Whole Foods a block away, and I can afford Pineapple. But getting it in the mail, as much of an 80 year old as that makes me, shows how well this friend knows me and my fruit obsession. So pop a "hi" in the mail to your grandfather, cousin, best friend, long lost friend. You don't even have to say how much you care about them (though its never a bad idea), they will know. I promise it has a different effect than an email or a facebook message. And did I mention I only write on Linda & Harriett stationary?